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Moscheen mit Nationalflaggen: Islam in den USA und in Deutschland

Eine leider mehr als zutreffende Bewertung des oftmals etwas zu weit gehenden Patriotismusses in manch muslimischen Gemeinden in Deutschland.

Mosques with Foreign Flags: Islam in America and Germany

M. A. Muqtedar Khan | 6.09.06

Berlin May 23, 2006. We entered the mosque through a large iron gate closely watched by a score of Turkish men. Unlike most architecturally interesting buildings in Berlin which are open and easily accessible, this mosque which is both majestic and grand, is surrounded by a high wall and is accessible only through iron gates. I was in Berlin for a conference organized by the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies and one of their scholars and a Berlin Parliamentarian kindly volunteered to show me around Berlin.

As we approached the grand mosque, the Berlin Parliamentarian remarked, “notice the Turkish flag on the mosque, do you see a German flag anywhere?”